Our Services

We are a full-service firm with specialized expertise in aviation and aerospace.

Strategy & Growth

Our strategic advice is founded on a fact-based and objective understanding of external and internal environments. We supplement our clients’ knowledge with insights derived from extensive involvement in aviation markets over many years and projects. These form the basis for strategic initiatives that are robust, practical, and sustainable.

We specialize in assessing market structure, demand, customer needs, competitive dynamics, and market attractiveness through focused field research, proprietary databases, and access to key decision-makers throughout the industry

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding how well you are performing against customer expectations and what drives customer loyalty in the long-term is critical in today’s competitive environment. It is also imperative to understand a company’s Net Promoter Score, and how social media can influence a company’s reputation.

Clients rely on AeroDynamic’s survey and interview-based methodology to understand their positioning versus customer needs and competition to drive organizational, investment and process decisions.

Transaction Support

Expert assessment of market dynamics and competitive positioning are essential elements of commercial due diligence. AeroDynamic Advisory brings an independent outlook, acknowledged market expertise, and proprietary information to respond rapidly and effectively to the demands of transaction support. 

Economic Development

Is your region seeking to develop its presence in aerospace? We can assist in the development of cluster strategies that are aligned with the requirements of the global aerospace value chain. Our advice is based on significant insights into what forces that shaped the supply chain we have today and how new technologies and supply chain strategies will influence investments in the future.