Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

AeroDynamic Advisory has a unique value proposition for clients in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Industry Focus

We have a deep and fundamental understanding of the aerospace industry underpinned by decades of experience, a broad contact network, and intellectual property. This enables us to anticipate trends that others miss and provide superior value to clients. Moreover, all our consultants – including junior analysts – are from the industry. This avoids the typical learning curve of generalist consultants who aren't familiar with a client’s products or environment.

Strategic Insight

We are focused on the future and committed to understanding how technological, market and regulatory trends will shape tomorrow's aerospace industry. Our experience spans the entire aerospace ecosystem for products and services. This enables us to provide a unique strategic perspective, and position our clients for success.


We recognize that client engagements come in a variety of sizes and scopes – from small, targeted studies to larger broad-based engagements. We’re comfortable with both, and as a boutique consultancy we can focus on the current need rather than selling the next project.

Collaborative Approach

We understand that client ownership of results is critical to leveraging the investment made in consulting services. That is why we frequently conduct strategic engagements in hybrid client-consultant teams to ensure recommendations are actionable and practical.